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طابعات صور الأفلام



أكثر من مجرد طابعة افلام. إذ أنها تتميز بمستوى عالي من الإنتاجية من خلال مدى لا يضاهى للطباعة الأولى 50 ثانية ودعم خمسة مقاسات من الأفلام بمقاسات تتراوح من 14×17 بوصة إلى 8×10 بوصة، هذه المجموعة المتكاملة من الطابعات تهتم بنفس القدر بالأداء والمرونة.

The first printing time is about 50 seconds. With the world's fastest dash speed, this imager can print 10 sheets of 14"×17" -size film within 4 minutes. The sufficient recording capacity exerts its power for usual modalities as well. The excellent stability provides high-quality images.


D832B 5 World's fastest first printing time *1

Time to first print, a major speed and productivity parameter, has been greatly improved to a short 50 seconds, dramatically enhancing productivity and workflow.

Five film sizes and two trays *2

Five film sizes are available (14×17in., 14×14 in., 11×14 in., 10×12 in., and 8×10 in.,) And by installing an additional film supply tray, two film sizes can be used at the same time, for example, 14×17 in. and 11×14 in., or 14×17 in. and 8×10 in..

D832B 10 User-friendly

The DRYPRO 832 is very user friendly. It is easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet. 
A clearly visible status light changes color to indicate “Ready”, “Printing”, and “Film Empty” conditions.

Environment-friendly design

The excellent low-noise design assures a pleasant environment. The actual running noise has been tuned to a low tone with a reduced high-temperature range, so that it gives the impression of being quieter than it actually is. While the overall noise has been suppressed, particular attention has been given to the standby noise, ensuring a quiet environment for clinics where standby operation accounts for most of the usage time.

D832 350 Stable operation with no HDD

Hard drives store system software and data and, with that, there is always a risk that the disc will crash, bringing operation to a standstill. With the DRYPRO 832, we have eliminated the hard drive and introduced a design where the essential system software is run from compact flash memory and image data is managed by an external computer (CS-2/3 or Printlink5-IN), thereby contributing to stable operation.

Networking by Printlink

With its flexible networking capability, the Printlink print management system provides the ideal output solution in a variety of environments, enabling output from multiple Regius consoles (CS-2/3) and printing from DICOM modalities. By using Printlink IV/ID(sold separately), you can also connect to non-DICOM modalities

Specifications of DRYPRO MODEL 832


Laser Source Semiconductor laser
Film Size 14”×17” (35×43cm), 14”×14” (35×35cm), 11”×14” (28×35cm),
10”×12” (25×30cm) and 8”×10” (20×25cm) selectable
Film Dry Imaging recording film SD-Q/SD-QC
Image Format 1,2,4,6,8,9,12,15,16,20,24,25,30,35,36,42,48,54,60,63,64
Image Memory Print memory (64MB/standard)
Pixel Size 78.6μm (320dpi)
Image data input 8bit/12bit
Output gradation 16384 levels (14bits)
Image Mode Pixel replication/Function interpolation process
Processing capability More than 90 sheets/hour
First Printing Time less than 50sec
Input interface Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX/1000base-T
External connection Connection to external computer (CS-2/3 or Printlink5-IN)
Supply 1 Tray (standard) 2 Tray maximum (optional)
Border processing Black/White
Trimmed frame Available
Density correction Automatic via built-in densitometer
Positive/negative Available
Operating condition 15-30℃ (59-86F) 30-70% RH
Power UL:120V AC±10% 60Hz±1Hz 10A
CE:220-240V AC±10% 50-60Hz± 1Hz 6A
Heat generation UL:1200KJ/H or less
CE:1400KJ/H or less
Noise Level In print Mode:53 dB or less
In standby mode:46 dB or less
Dimensions W599×D585×H570mm *with 1 Tray
W599×D585×H722mm *with 2 Tray
Footprint 0.35m⊃2;
Weight approx. 95kg (209lb) *with 1 Tray
approx. 117kg (258lb) *with 2 Tray
Power Cable, Operation Manual, Cutter (for film loading)
Accessories Power Cable, Operation Manual, Cutter (for film loading)


Specifications of Printlink5-IN


Protocol DICOM Print Management
DICOM connection Print Service Class (Basic Gray Scale)/
Presentaion LUT Service Class/Storage Service Class
Number of Input/
Output channel
8 channels maximum (7 input channels maximum when 1 DRYPRO832 is connected)