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digital Refractometers

DigitalRefractomters1 The 2WIN is a binocular refractometer that measures both eyes at the same time, simulating natural vision conditions. It provides an objective assessment without requiring patient cooperation. It is also a vision analyzer, i.e. it provides a complete vision assessment.


Benefits of 2WIN:


  • Early detection of refractive errors
  • Effective measurment of all amblyogenic factors
  • Fully automated and easy to use
  • Just point and shoot: 5 seconds exam time, 1 meter distance
  • Ideal with infants, children and non-cooperative patients

DigitalRefractomters2 How it works


  • Switch on - aim, shoot, screen!
  • Print results immediately
  • Small, lightweight, hand-held
  • No drops required
  • Battery operated
  • Connects to Infrared portable printer
  • Optional WIFI connection to EMR system

Key Features


  • Measures myopia, hyperopia, astigmatismus
  • Provides pupil parameters: pupil size, pupil distance, anisocoria
  • Measures direction of gaze, strabismus, phorias
  • Provides check of lens correction
  • Enables large-scale, low-cost screening programs of the visual function


DigitalRefractomters3 Technical Specifications


  • Operating mode: binocular / monocular
  • Refraction measurement: automatic
  • Sphere range: +5, -5 D, res. 0.25 D
  • Cylinder range: +5, -5 D, res. 0.25 D
  • Cylinder axis: 0° - 180°, res. 1°
  • Pupil size: Automatic detection, 4-7 mm, res. 0.1 mm
  • Pupil distance: Automatic detection, 45-90 mm, res. 1 mm
  • Fixation target: Built-in
  • Acoustinc target: Built-in
  • Working distance: 3’3’’ (1 m)